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Need bigger power supply?

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Here's my problem...
When I'm doing something on my computer that takes more processing, such as playing a 3d, my system locks up.
This happens when i have 512mb ram in it or 1gb ram in it, it doesn't however happen when i have 256mb ram in. I've also found that it doesn't occur when I turn down the FSB on my motherboard from 133 to 100, no matter what ram I have in. The voltage going to my motherboard is about 3.28.
I have tried switching my motherboard for another, and the problem occurs then as well with the same situation. I have reformated since the issue has started occuring. I have put a different processor in my system and it ran fine, however, it was a Duron 950 that runs with a 100 fsb, so it would have run fine with my other processor at that speed as well. I have also tried switching my 300w power supply out with my other 300w power supply, and the same issues occur. I don't have a more powerful powersupply to test in my system, and I was wondering if the issues i am having could be as a result of too weak of a power supply, or what other steps i could take to find out what's causing this problem.

My System:
Soyo SY-K7V Dragon Plus! motherboard
Athlon XP 1900+
ATI AIW radeon 8500dv
Leadman Powermax 300w Power Supply
Running Windows XP
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It's very unlikely that it's the P/S, my guess is marginal RAM. The fact that it works when you slow down the memory from 133 to 100 is a big clue.
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