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NEED: AutoCAD LT 98 tutorial

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hello fellow TSFers!:pray:

i just changed my position at my job, mainly due to the original person working in this position just dumped us and reccomended me for his short comings :eek: i have little to no Xperience in AutoCAD design, most of it has just been from playing with the program, which unfortunately is all i can do at this point is just that, i have no literature on the program, nothing at all, my company i work for is in a financial bind, so no training is in the future, i have no degree in the program lol, ( was only reccomended because i know a bit about computers and IT ), we cannot get the other person from the job as he is reluctant to show his face due to embarrasment from leaving us all high and dry, and i myself am on the verge of being poor so i cannot buy any refference material. so here i am at work, on TSF, needing some assistance.

what i'm working with:

i'm working with the glorious "AutoCAD LT 98" what version i do not know, unless that is the version.

what i'm using it for:

i work in a lumber yard, so i now deal with contractors to help design their projects, i.e. houses, additions, garages, sheds, buildings, etc.

why i need this:

because it will save the company money and time, it will save money, from not having to hire someone else immediately and pay for training, which in essence i guess is what they sort of did, but they are planning on taking on someone else eventually i'm sure with a degree in the program or software.

i have only been to one site so far that meets some of my criteria:

what i am looking for from TSF:

i am looking, preferably, links to textual ( so i can view at work without having to disturb others with sound from video ), tutorials or other reference material for beginners in the field.

thanks to all, and to all a good response :D
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thanks Dai, do u know if this refference for LT 2k5 is compatable with LT 98? or along the same lines? i went to the book store and picked up the idiots guide to AutoCAD 2009 but i did not buy it, the interface and everything was all different.

but one thing i did learn was that AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT are 2 completely different programs, by two different makers.

AutoCAD is the real deal for those in the future reading this post for help, it has the most features and unfortunately, but because of those features it costs a ridiculous amount of money.

AutoCAD LT is made by AutoDesk(TM) it was once viewed as being made for those less fortunate to not have the monies to pay for the real deal, so what they did was they broke AutoCAD down to a 80/20 rule, 80% of the features for about 20% of the list price for the real McCoy. which still gave you the most basic and some of the other fundamentals of the program, but some of them, as to be expected, the more advanced features have been cut out, to make sense of the price drop.

did i explain that well enough? hope i did :D

thanks again dai.
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lt is the light version do a wiki search on it
check the upgrade price on the software on their site
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