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I am networking a win7 64 bit and winXP and 1 printer. My internet explorer took a plunge and in attempting to

uninstall and reininstall I found that I know less than I thought. I'm implementing a localhost accounting

system. I thought that I could share one set of files, not two. Here's my delimna. I know I did something

wrong while trying to fix the browser. Previously I reconnected the printer but when I wen to "Network" I

discovered that instead of seeing the two sets of files and the printer, I found that the "printer" is

embedded in the XP files. I had to change Permissions before I could continue and I can't copy and paste, drag

and drop into "Network" or delete it. I can print a test page from from it's location but of course I can't

print my shared documents. The printer functions from the Xp where it's connected. set up the network using

printed networking instructions offered by a couple of forums with very little diffulty but I sure could use

some advice right now.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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