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Firstly do I need one?

My cuirrent setup for playing my files (which are usually mkv and avi) formats are as follows:

Sony 40 inch telly (will be upgrading soon)
Sony Ps3 slim
Onkyo AV receiver

I also play blu rays too. The biggest reason I want an HTPC running XMBC is because I HATE converting mkvs so they play on the Ps3. Second reason is that I would like to have a nice, organized Music, TV show and Movie library at my fingertips with a simple few clicks of a remote rather than running up and downstairs to put a files on and off my external. The third reason is that I wont have to buy that many Blu rays anymore. I do not use streaming that much.

My basic requirements - HDMI to connect to amp. Smooth interface and smooth playback. DTS-HD and DTS playback. Mkv playback from NTSC drives. Blu-ray drive. Basically everything a PS3 can do but with flawless mkv playback without having to convert.

What can I use from my current PC to ensure a smooth and future-proof HTPC?

Here is my current PC setup -

Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4ghz
Asus P5WDH Deluxe Mobo
1.5 WD Sata III 7200rpm hard drive (spare 700gb Segate Barracuda 7200rpm lying around too)
Asus Geforce 8800GTS 640MB
Creative 5.1 Soundcard
Wireless N adapter

(I am willing to spend a bit extra on the Bluray drive and other things such as SSD etc.)

What else will I need for a decent HTPC?

Will this HTPC be able to startup fast just by a click of the remote?

Is it worth buying this with 4KP resolution coming out. Surely Blurays will become obsolete?

Thank you.

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Your current pc (aside from the fact it'll need a bluray player) already seems to be fine as a media machine. I do not particularly see anything that would keep it from doing what you describe.

You basically only need a normal low end pc with a bluray drive , and perhaps a simple pc remote.

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4kp resolution is not likely to make much of a splash for at least a couple years. There are already video cards with the ability to render it (mostly more expensive business cards) and by the time movies are released in 4kp cheap video cards will have been produced with maximum resolution more than capable of handling it, just like today's cheap HTPC video cards run 1080p videos just fine.

Gaming in 4kp is gonna be something else though lol that's 16 times as many pixels

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Same as emosun. What you have is more than capable for a HTPC.
Add a Blu-Ray player/software and you're good.
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