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Hi guys.

So, a friend have me his old computer, and a few months afterward it broke. There is no light on the motherboard, and I can't turn it on. No matter if I try a different outlet or even cord.

Before it bit the dust, it was having issues. Randomly shutting down, especially in graphically intense things. I should have guessed it was a PSU issue.

So, I need a new one, with more watts, so I'm going to post my pc specs, and see if you guys can lead me on the right direction.

First the old power supply:

POWMAX ATX Switching Power Supply
AC Input: 115V/230V 10A/6A 60/50Hz
DC Output: +3.3 / +5V / +12V / -12V / -5V / +5VSB
LP-8850A : 26A / 30A / 12A / .8A / .5A / 2A
Max Combined Watts : 400W

Now the pc specs:

ASUS K8U-X AMD Sempron 3300 i think, motherboard
ATI 9800 Pro AGP Graphics Card
Diamond Max 10 Model Number:6L300R0 Maxtor 300 GB HD
Floppy Drive (not sure on the info but just your adverage floppy)
HP dvd1040 DVDRW Drive
2 DDR 1? Sticks of 512 MB Ram

So I'm thinking 500 watts, maybe 550?
My motherboard has the 4 pin ATX12V
and the 20 pin connector to the motherboard.

Also, I'm thinking about putting a GIG stick in there as well, with the upgrade.

So let me know if there anything I'm missing, if 500/550 sounds like a good wattage, and any power supplies that would fit well.

btw.. before this he had another audio card plugged in, as well as a second dvd drive, if that makes a difference..
I'm taking them out since they aren't needed.

Thanks for your time!
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