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Need a FTP Recommendation

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Hi. I currently use CuteFTP, I believe version 3. I recently did a scan for another thread on the board that revealed spyware in it. I was told upgrading to 4 would solve the problem, but cash is tight and I don't have the $20 to upgrade. So the user who was helping me suggested a few free and safer FTP's, but suggested I come here for a second opinion. So that's what I'm doing. My dream FTP is simple. It's free, easy to use, spyware free, and can easily upload webpage files to webpages, oh... and did I mention free?

ANY help is very much appreciated. I'd love to be able to find something that works better, and safer for my computer, than CuteFTP. Thanks in advance!
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Filezilla is great. That's what i use, no spyware or anything. They offer both client and server and they are both free and easy to setup.
Thanks so much. I downloaded it and it works so that's good.

I have noticed something though. It occured with CuteFTP but I thought once I switched it'd stop, but it hasn't.

I'll get online and do some stuff, e-mail, message boards, surf the web, etc. Then I'll go to upload something so I'll open it up and and it'll connect, but the directory list won't load. What could be causing that?
your firewall may be blocking port 21. Try disabling your windows firewall or any 3rd party firewall you have and see if that fixes the error, if it does then just allow port 21.
I use BulletProof FTP and I love it. User administration is a breeze and it's very easy to configure.
FileZilla is an open source FTP server that for sure has no spyware issues. :smile:
Okay, so I use ZoneAlarm. and I tried "Shutdown Zone Alarm" in it's options and I tried turning all the security off...

both times the problem still occured.

However I noticed in FileZilla's options there's a "Firewall Settings" section that discusses limiting the local port. Could this have anything to do with it?
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