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Need 6 PCs for an office - build or buy

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My moms office is in the need of some new computers. Her company is willing to help pay for them, but will only pay so much (not sure the price) they recommended going with Verizon, because they would be helping to set up the network and all.

Here is the specs on what they offered
E6300, 2GB 667Mhz DDR2, 17inch dell monitor, 256MB ATI Radeon HD 2400 Pro, 250 GB Sata, Vista all for 1600. I know that is way over priced so I either am going to build them or buy somewhere else.

I want to get one that is equal or better. Its for office use so no real need for any fancy graphics card. I found this one , not sure how well that one is. Could I save more money building them?

1. Budget: try to stay under 800

2. Brands: whichever is the best for the money.

3. Multitasking: yes, quite a bit

4. Gaming: No
5. Calculations: email, business programs, internet, microsoft programs

6. Overclocking: No

7. Storage: 80gb should be sufficient

8. Legacy Support: No

9. Operating System: XP Prof if thats the best for office work or vista. believe i need the 32 bit version

10. Case: Yes, needs to look professional, no colors other than silver and black probably

11. Accessories: Yes

12. Recycled Components: Will you be reusing any components you already have?

13. Monitor: 17+ LCD

14. Stores: Newegg usually, but always go for the best price.

15. Location: US
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I would be looking for Dell, HP, and Gateway promos. You can get away with Vista Basic or XP home, unless you need the business features that Pro and Business offer (networking stuff, remote admin i believe). Have your mom check with the company about that...

An example:

More generalized...they update often, so if you have time, check back...

I also look at slickdeals for decent prices/coupon codes, etc.
I would go with Dell. They might not be the best, but they are cheap and have NBD service, look at the post above me!! :) :wave: :wave:

E6300, 2GB 667Mhz DDR2, 17inch dell monitor, 256MB ATI Radeon HD 2400 Pro, 250 GB Sata, Vista all for 1600. I know that is way over priced so I either am going to build them or buy somewhere else.
It is over priced, Dell has some amazing deals but you have to look for them :)

Check this one out!
(Vostro 200)
Intel® Core™2 Duo Proc E8300 (2.83GHZ, 6MB L2 Cache, 1333FSB)
Genuine Windows® XP Professional
3 Year Basic Limited Warranty and 3 Year NBD On-Site Service
Dell 17 inch Widescreen E178WFP Analog Flat Panel Monitor
2GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM 667MHz - 2DIMMs
Single Drive: 16X DVD-ROM Drive
80GB Serial ATA Hard Drive (7200RPM) w/DataBurst Cache™
Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 3100
No Floppy Drive
No Modem Option
Dell USB Keyboard
No speakers (Speakers are required to hear audio from your system)
Dell Scroll Mouse
Free Microsoft Office Live Small Business
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Integrated 10/100 Ethernet

Grant Total*drumroll*

Few important points to mention here, each computer comes with
1. License of XP Pro
2. 45nm processor @ 2.83GHz dual core (65watts)
3. 3 YEARS of NBD service.
4. 2 GB of memory, expandable up to 4GB total
You can knock some money down by going with 1GB of memory and a smaller processor, but this is a beast and its CHEAP!

Other things you'll have to buy for each computer:
Microsoft Office (Open Office is free)

Other things to think about:
Backup Solution
VPN Solution
File Server / Domain
Imaging (Ghost/Acronis)

You can build the PCs if you want, but I would advise against it. If they have any problems YOU have to fix it. If you decide to build them make sure you draft some paperwork up before hand like...

Computer BuildTime 3hours each, total of 18hours
Operating System Install total of 4hours
Software and Patches total of 8hours

24 hours at $35/hour is $840, now if there is a hardware problem that causes the PC to explode or break you will be expected to fix it for free (now you have to deal with troubleshooting, RMAs, et cetera):sigh: so there must be a clause that says
"Free hardware support for 30 days, but after 30 days there is a $50/hour charge for labor of troubleshooting the problem and the customer is expected to carry the burden of purchasing replacement parts".

Computer BuildTime: The time it takes to build one computer
Operating System Install: The time it takes to install the operating system and necessary drivers for each computer to function (this assumes you are doing three computers at a time).
Software and Patches: The time it takes to update and patch each computer (assuming three at once)

Some more questions: are you familiar with imaging software, this can reduce the time it takes to load an OS with patches.

So anyways, when all is said and done, the company will be spending more money on their computer support than they would have if they went with Dell in the beginning.

I'm so sorry this post has gotten so long :( but is it your Mom's office, or is it the office your mom works at?

Best of luck in whatever you choose!
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its her office. i will take a look at that site at the dell pcs. thanks
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