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I've had a lot of issues with my motherboard (asus maximus viii hero) but the most annoying one appears to be related to intel's ethernet adapter I219V.

Basically whenever i download something or use the internet for a long time i would get huge sound stuttering issues. They appear ONLY while internet connection is active and only while something is downloading (while watching and caching youtube videos for example).

The issue gets progressively worse the longer the internet is active as well and after a few hours and heavy usage i get 14ms delays on ndis.sys and sometimes tcpip.sys too.

I've tried contacting Asus support four times to no avail - they confirmed that this is an issue related to intel's adapter and windows 10 and recommended me to buy additional cheap lan card (what's the point of having a gaming motherboard i wonder?), i've also tried writing in intel's forums which contain at least 14 pages of complaints related to this issue but apart from some shady guy claiming to be an engineer we didn't get any response and the only thing he recommended was to contact the manufacturer.

I've also set my CPU performance to 100% and disabled speedstep in BIOS which didn't help at all. I also keep my bios and drivers relevant but it doesn't make any difference. While running sfc /scannow i had not encountered any issues either.

Another solution seems to be to install much older drivers which do not produce this issue but unfortunately it doesn't work for me since they do not even detect my I219V adapter as they were designed for older hardware and windows 7/8.

So i was wondering if anyone else had that issue or got any other solutions which might work apart from getting another motherboard or installing a cheap lan card?
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