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Just trying to install the X11 version of naim, I have un-tar'd and run configure and I get the following error... any ideas?

checking for wresize in -lncurses... no
checking for wresize in -lcurses... no
configure: error: unable to find a curses library -- FATAL

I thought the curses library came as part of a unix based OS?
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If I remember correctly for some cracked out reason Mandrake doesn't include the curses lib, you can get it though and install it :) go to and do a search, if you can't find it, I'll build you an RPM of it :)

I have done a search on the site and a couple of the mirrors, it is unable to find the library. Any other ideas?
I'm going to build you an RPM, I'm slightly inebriated at the moment, so its going to be the morning before I get it done but I'll get 'er for you :)
haha, thats okay, thanks for all your help and support... its greatly appriciated.
I found and downloaded what I think is what I was looking for... maybe.

Its called ncurses-5.3 and seems to be mainly source code and librarys, I tried ./configure and it completes with one warning (not sure if its important but its not fatal):

checking for builtin bool type... no
checking for size of bool... unknown
configure: WARNING: Assuming unsigned for type of bool
checking for special defines needed for etip.h... none
checking if g++ accepts parameter initialization... no

I still get the error I reported in my first post when I try to ./configure naim
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if its not fatal then you should be ok, as long as it doesn't come out with an Exit status error code like 1 ... which is what I got before i came to work when I tried to compile it ;) I was gonna hack around it tonight when I get off work at midnight
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