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Mystery PlayStation cable

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Hi guys,

Just wondering if anyone knew any details about this cable I have come across.
I bought it off ebay, thinking it was a VGA + RCA out for my playstation.
However, it arrived, and it is a D shaped cable I have never seen before.

Rather than send it back, I've decided to keep it to see if it is still of any use but mainly just to figure out what it is. It's driving me mental!

Thanks for any help in advanced folks. Here it is:
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Hey superultimate and welcome to TSF.

What Playstation generation are you using?
Welcome to TSF,

I believe that the cable may be for connecting it to a PC or something like that as it looks like a connection for an older PC.

I am not certain on this though, it could be anything (including a mistake - put in wrong box for delivery)

Hope this helps
I was planning on using it with my PS2, elvenleader3.

Any idea what PC port, Redeye3323? I've never seen one like it in my life.

D-Sub Miniatures are pin based, this looks more like half of a mini-DVI.
I was thinking it was a proprietary cable for something more specific than your average monitor.
Could it be for a dev kit?

Thanks for welcoming be and your help so far guys!
No way! AWESOME!

Cheers, 3daysjourney

Thanks guys!
Wow, thanks for finding that our 3dj and well done for knowing what that was lol

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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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