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Myriad of Restart Related issues... =(

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This part is skippable, but provides a backround to my problem. The immediate issue will be separated by a bolded title.

Okay... I have had my computer for less than a year. Recently, I removed my laptop from my backpack and noticed that it was very hot, and when I opened it it hadn't gone to sleep like it usually does upon closing. I closed the lid and re-opened it, and this time it brought me to the "Compaq" Screen. It said "Media Test Failure. PX-E61 Check Cable". I got the green bars that indicate loading, and then my screen filled with cascading and fluctuating gray, black and white lines. My stomach dropped, and I turned off my computer and proceeded the appropriate hysterics.

An hour later, I opened my computer again to show my friend what was happening, but to me surprise it was working perfectly. I didn't have any problems for almost two months, and then it happened again. I took my computer out of my backpack and it was very hot, and when I opened it I was at the "Compaq" and the same thing happened.

I restarted and it said Windows did not shut down properly and took me through a Startup Repair, and everything started working. After a while, it started happening every day between two and two thirty when I would open the lid when I got home from school. Eventually, it got to the point where I am now.

Current Issue

I went into the BIOS of my computer, which I read was recommended if I was getting "Media Test Failure". I moved something with "Network" in it to the end of the list and it got an exclamation point next to it, and then my computer wouldn't start. I went back in and moved it back to the beginning of the list, still with an exclamation point, and it took me through startup restore again and everything seemed to be working fine.

This problem started a few days ago, before I altered my BIOS. Whenever I close my computer, assuming it's set to sleep or hibernate, it doesn't do that. Instead, it brings up the "Windows did not shut down normally" screen, and I have to run start up repair and then go back to my desktop. This only happens when sleep/hibernate is supposed to be initiated upon closing the lid.

Somebody told me I should just completely System Restore my computer, but I'm not sure I want to do that. Is there anything anybody can tell you that might work?

~Anthony C
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