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My Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit works only in Safe Mode with Networking.

If I try to start Windows Normaly; it crashes and restarts with the message that Windows has recovered from an expected error. It's a blue screen with some memory dump message... I can't really read it as the screen disappears... It keeps happening.

It is Lenovo Laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium (SP2) with Intel Core 2 Duo CPU 2.10GHz; 3GB (2+1) RAM, 32-bit OS.

It had C: & D:

(i) I have taken backup of my Data.
(ii) I have tried to run on both the RAMs (1 GB & 2 GB) to see if the problem was with any of the RAM. It still restarts.
(iii) It runs fine in Safe Mode with Networking
(iv) I have formatted D:
(v) I have run chkdsk to check any error on C: it didn't find any error.
(vi) I have re-installed Windows Vista Home premium (using lenovo product recovery DVD) & upgraded to Service Pack 2.
(vii) I have also updated Device Drivers.
(viii) I couldn't run OneTouch System Restore as I had increased size of my C: partition.

However problem remains. It keeps restarting. I cannot run Windows Update to look for an Windows Patches as my machine restarts.
and I assume I cannot run Windows Update in Safe Mode.

If it is an hardware Issue then how come it is working in Safe Mode with Networking.

What could be the problem? Someone please help.


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Windows Safe Mode loads Windows with minimal drivers. If it works in Safe Mode but not normal mode, it is one or more of the drivers. You should not have removed the Recovery partition, this included all your default drivers and would have been real easy to restore your computer.
Try to start Normally. When it fails, boot into Safe Mode with Networking and go to Start/Search and type event viewer and press enter open up the Windows and Systems logs and look for anything with a Red X (critical) double clicking it will give you the properties and tell you what driver or program is that is causing the problem. You can also download Resplendence Software - WhoCrashed, automatic crash dump analyzer which will tell you as well. If you are getting BSOD, please click on this link and do those things and post in that section of the forum and not here please.
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