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I have a strange problem I think.
I have LAN with several computer (wired and wireless). All the computers has access to the Internet. My 2003 server is on the same router and people from outside can visit my web pages on this server. So far no problem.
But if the asp application wants to sent emails, it just can't connect to the smtp server outside. It tooks me a long time to figure out what the problem was untill the day I was trying to browse from the 2003 server itselfs. Then I discover that there was no way to go to the Internet.
So that's the strange thing, everybody can visit my web server (IIS) but I can't go outside.
In the past it was working both ways, but for some reasons it doens't do that anymore. It can't be my firewall (ICF) because this one is switched off.
Who have any idea?
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