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My Vista Won't Work!!

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1- I turn on my laptop
2- It says "Windows is loading files"
3- Then It goes to a black screen with a startup repair box. ( It says "Windows is checking for Problems" then it finishes checking for problems)
4- Then it goes to another box that says " Windows cannot repair this computer automatically."
5- Then it says " If you recently put any device in ur computer, take it out, and restart it again, if you continue to come to this screen contact the admin or the manufacturer.
6- There is view advanced options for system recovery and support. I click that, and then I go to a different screen, that says " choose a recovery tool."
7- Then I get 6 options (startup repair [which doesn't work] , system restore [which doesn't work either], Windows complete PC Restore[ doesn't work], Windows Diagnostic Repair [doesn't work],
command prompt, and Toshiba recovery wizard[ which I am scared to use].
Thats all the options ^
Now what?????

I do not have any discs or anything, if i need to have something please tell me were i can get it, and how to work, and if you have my manufaturs phone that'd be great. mine is a satellite L505-S5966 system unit

YouTube - Help Vista wont go to desktop thats a video i made of my laptop
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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