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Friends, Im having a problem with my desktop.
My pc is restarting itself after i just provide the login password [Or within that time interval automatically]. It wont show any desktop it just restarts....

intel 865GBF board;
intel pentium 4 HT 2.4GHz;
1GB + 256MB DDR1 400MHz RAM [Both Memories individually tested]
80GB + 40GB [Both Samsung and in working condition]
ATX cabinet;
I got 2 IDE optical and 1 SATA optical drives.
on-board video and sound;

Initially i had a 300W SMPS but now i got it replaced [old one was found Malfunctioning] with a 400W one.And it worked fine for a 5 month period after that i was not regularly using my PC[I was away from home]. Now its showing the above symptom [Being Stuck with no obvious reasons, Self Restarts now at all logins including safe mode sessions and BSOD sometime....]

And I reinstalled the OS[XP] freshly several times...
I repartitioned my boot drive[40GB one] again installed XP[Only the very 1st login was successfull].

Im really sick of this behaviour by my favourite PC.. Can any one help me cure it ?
For Any solution I will be greatly thankful.
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