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my sound card is dead

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i have a sony vaio and i had windows me but changed it to 98. ever since my sound card has never worked and tried downloading the driver but that did not either. so then i got sick and put installed back win me. and it still does not work can someone help me please. but what is weird is that the device manager says it is working and when i start up my system i get some weird sounds for seconds and then it dies. what should i do?
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First, Confirm the speakers are working by plugging in with a pair of headphones.
hey i already did and that does not work either. by the way i have vaio and i heard that vaio's are bad when it comes to upgardes and getting drivers. ive tried getting the driver from sony but thats not happening. what can i do? maybe i should get a new sound card.:D
Does the machine see the sound card under device manager?
Give us the sound card model and type or the model of your vaio so we can see what you got. If it worked in ME it will work in 98SE
yes the device manager see's the sound card. my sound card is a AC'97/ intel 82801AA controller. i think:confused: and my vaio is a pcv-j120.
another thing is that i first had Me and when i installed 98 i didnt work and ever since its been dead.
Is it an add in card or built into the mobo? Maybe remove from device manager and let winders redetect it? Then pick the driver you downloaded.
If it is built into the motherboard disable it in the bios. and save to bios.

Startup in safe mode and remove all instances of any sound devices in device manager.

If you know the name of the sound card that is on the motherboard Do a search for drivers.

Look thru the list that comes up and remove any that are related to your sound card only.

Go to start run and type regedit then enter. Make sure the tree is closed and that you only see My Computer in the left panel.

Click Edit then Find. Type the name of the sound device in the box and click find next.

After it finds one you need to determine if it definately belongs to your sound device and if it does right click and delete it.

Press F3 to move down the list til your finished.

When you are done reboot right away by using start shutdown.

Check device manager to make sure all sound items are still removed. Then shut down.

Before you bootup again you will need to get the driver from Sony's website if you don't have it.

When you bootup enter the bios and enable the onboard sound save and exit. On startup it should detect the soundcard and ask for the driver.
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Call the Police!

Sounds like a resource conflict to me. Do you have something else dead? If so, try installing the drivers again, then manually assign the resources. Sound cards usually have an 1/0 address something like 220-22F, a DMA of 1 (sometimes 0 or 3), and an IRQ of 9 (older cards use 5). Also try Log in there with a screen name of "drivers" and password of "all". You can usually find almost any driver you need there.
Which make and model vaio do you have??

Sorry needed to check the date......
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