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my server upgrade

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ok, so i had a sbs2003 server running a few databases and exchange 2003 handling the mail...i now bought a dell server with server 2008 standard edition
on my old server i have various folders (about 250GB) of word/excell/pdf/jpg etc etc...

i only have 12 users so im planning to setup active directory from importing/migration and copy the data over to the new 2008 server

my email is being ported to gmail so wont be running exchange or anything like that.

how will i copy the data cleanly without carrying over previous permissions i want to set this up from scratch.

do i use robocopy or something like that?

can you see any potential pitfalls with my plan?

any info gravely appreciated

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How about just moving the disk containing the files to the new server?
hi wanderer!!!

i did think of this,but when i told the project manager he was outraged..."why did we buy new hardware then?" he asked,so i will move it...and keep the old drive as a spare backup.

i have installed AD before...
is there anything else you can think of that might be a problem?

thanks for your input
appreciate it...
"why did we buy new hardware then?"
answer: because the old hardware was too old for 2008

answer: gee wiz we are just using it to xfer into to the new server easily.

You may need to assign ownership of the files to the users so they can once again access them.
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