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My Router is Killing Me! Please help!

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I don't quite understand where you are saying to search. I recently went from 56K dialup from Alltel to DSL from Alltel and it will not connect.I have tried everything I know, changing a few settings and still it will not connect. Can you tell me exactly what I need to do? I have Windows XP.
Thank you

Robinator said:
I found this awhile back at DSL Reports when trying to solve this same issue with my Dad's setup.

1. Connect your computer directly to the modem (bypass the router), you may have to reboot.

2. In your web browser browse to » This address will be located on a yellow sticker on the bottom of your modem.

3. The first screen will ask you for your Modem Access Code. This also will be located on the same yellow sticker.

4. Make sure the modem is setup to perform the PPPoE login.

5. At the login screen type in your SBC member ID and password.

6. Click Connect.

7. If everything is succesfull you will get a screen that says, "You Are Connected." and your Internet light will go solid green. If you username or password is invalid you will get a screen stating such. If there are other problems you will get a screen stating, "The DSL connection is down."

8. Plug the router in between the modem and your computer.

9. If your router has an IP address of (the D-Link does) then you should change it to something else like will work, but if it assigns to a device, it won't route correctly, since the 5100b will assign the router on its WAN side.

10. Setup your router for DHCP on the WAN side, or set it statically to with a subnet mask of

11. You should now be online, given the possible need to restart your devices.
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Please don't hijack another thread to post your problem, start a new thread. I've split yours off to a new thread.

You might start your new thread with a description of your system and your problem.
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