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Hi everyone! 馃拃 I've been having a problem with my computer's webcam for a few days now. I just joined this forum hoping to find someone who can help me or give some useful advices.

Lemme explain:
Since I started using this pc again (ACER-ASPIRE A515-51 / snid: 75104572934 / With Windows 11 Home) My camera does not work anymore. In a really randomic way! And, when i open the "camera application", do not think it appears an error message or something like that!. Simply, the camera interface is gone. I'll explain better. I have tried everything, reinstalling drivers, checking privacy, using the terminal, in short, anything that is known to recommend in these cases. But! Every time I open the camera, the green webcam light turns on (indicating that the camera is active) but shortly after the app has loaded, the camera interface is not there, and it is therefore impossible to shoot photos / videos, it does not record anything.

I am attaching a screenshot to make the idea better.

If you can help me you would give me a big hand! 馃憦馃憦馃憦


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In Device Manager>Camera>Scan for Hardware Changes>After install, re-boot.

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If the camera was not showing, you would get an error message that there is no camera in the Camera app. It looks like you lens is covered with tape or some other obstruction like the lid is closed. If that is not the case, then Enable the Hidden Administrator account and log out as you, then login as the previously hidden Admin, see if the camera works in that user profile.

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The majority of Windows webcam difficulties are software-related. That is Windows 11 doesn't understand the camera is plugged in or the software you're using (like a browser or video program) doesn't have the right permissions enabled, effectively blocking access to the camera
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