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My new laptop, IE very very slow to load up

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I have a new laptop. When i connect this to my cable modem, it runs very slowly. My desktop (worse spec than the laptop) on the other hand runs super quick with the same connection speed. The laptop is free from any bugs etc as I have checked it out.

Does anybody have any ideas as to why this maybe?

Its as though something is blocking the download speeds if that makes sense, a web page than takes a second with the desktop takes up to ten seconds with the laptop.

Its annoying me!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for any help or advice!
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well, you may want to give us some specs of both ur laptop and your desktop. RAM? Hard Drive? Windows version? things like that... when you say its very very slow but you still have a connection. So i think that it might be just the ram... or something. Whats the actual connection of both pcs? 1.5 Mbps?
The laptop is

MObile AMD Athlon64
793MHz, 512MB RAM

Desktop is

Pentium 4 3.00GHz

Internet speed is 1Mbps
hey jackfath,

also provide your network setup. do you have a wireless or wired connection?
The laptop is geared up for wireless but i dont use it. I plug the modem in the back using usb. might this be the problem? Is there a way of shutting the "wireless" settings to off?
enter your device manager in your laptop and make sure its clean
no yellow signs
post back
Also you mentioned that it's new. Is there an internet security packaged bundled such as McAffee or Norton? Perhaps the included firewall is interfering.
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