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I really need help. I am using win xp pro
MY keyboard types the wrong characters and sometimes it just won't type at all.This has happened to me before when my cat changed my language settings.
So of course that was the first thing I checked. It was fine.So then I figured virus. I scanned my computer with with avast,avg,av, ect to many to list and of course they all found none. Yes I uninstalled them before installing other anti-virus programs. None of this worked.
So I kill disked and reformated a total of 4 times yesterday .I also re installed my bios 4 times. So if i do have a virus that is doing this where is it hidding.During the windows install my keyboard works fine. I need to mention keyboard works just not on my computer.As soon as windows is done installing my keyboard gets possesed. My brain is beggining to hurt from trying to figure this out.I know there is tons of trouble shooting I should do before posting but it is hard without a keyboard. If anyone out there has any ideas on how to fix this or even what is doing this I would be extremely gratefull for any help.
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Have you tried a different keyboard. This would be a simple and easy test.


Is this a usb or ps2 keyboard?
Please check your device manager for any yellow alerts. While you are in there, click "view" then click "show hidden devices"
Let us know what you find.
It is not the keyboard or the settings .Like I said I have checked all of that.Besides all settings would be set to default after the bizziollion killdisking and reformatting ect.
The keys do not strike correctly
If the keys do not strike correctly, make sure that the keyboard is free of dust, dirt, and foreign matter.

Turn the keyboard upside down to allow for any foreign debris, such as hair, food particles, or dust, to fall out.

We recommend that you periodically use compressed air to blow dust out of the hard-to-clean crevices in the keyboard.

If you spill a drink or some other type of liquid on the keyboard, immediately turn the keyboard upside down to let the liquid drain out, and then mop up as much liquid as possible. Wait until the keyboard is completely dry before you use it again.

Do not take the keyboard apart. If you disassemble the keyboard, you may void the manufacturer warranty.

Note If you want to use a vacuum cleaner around the keyboard, make sure that the vacuum cleaner is a "static safe" vacuum cleaner.
If the wrong characters are typed when you use the keyboard, follow the steps in the "The Keys Do Not Strike Correctly" section above to clean the keyboard to make sure that no obstructions under the keys are causing this issue.

If the issue continues to occur, connect the keyboard to a different computer. If the keyboard functions correctly on a different computer, the port to which the keyboard was connected on the original computer may be damaged. If this is the case, contact your computer manufacturer to inquire about how to repair or replace the damaged port.

If the keyboard does not function correctly on another computer, the keyboard may be defective. If this is the case, and the warranty on the keyboard is still valid, you can exchange the defective keyboard for a new keyboard.

To test key response on the keyboard, use MSKEY, a utility program that is included with the Microsoft IntelliType software. To use MSKEY, follow these steps:
1. Click Start, click Run, type mskey in the Open box, and then click OK.
2. Click the appropriate button for your keyboard's type of connection:
• PS/2
3. Press various keys to verify that the pressed keys match the keys identified in the MSKEY window.
4. When you are finished, click Exit.

This has happened to me before when my cat changed my language settings.
I would maybe look for a furball in the keyboard :2kitty: :laugh: :laugh:
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not the keyboard

Like i said before it is not the keyboard it was a virus and I killed it and now all is good .
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