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Kindly provide more details about the issue

Hi Darlene,

Could you please ellaborate the issue..

• Does the AiO unit work in stand - alone mode?
• Can you print a self - test? (Press and Hold Cancel & Start Copy Color on the printer panel, it should print a self test page)
• Can you make a copy? (Make a copy of the above test page, confirm if that works)

• Are there any specific error state messages that are displayed on the PC or AiO during the installation?

• Is this a first time installation or did you reinstalled the AiO on your PC?

• What changes did you make on your PC, after which the AiO stopped working on your PC?

• Is the AiO directly connected to the PC?

• Do you have any pass - through devices connected to the PC?

• USB Hubs
• Scanners
• Switch boxes
• Docking stations
• Port replicators

• Are there any other devices currently connected to your PC?

• Have you had any other devices connected to your PC in the past?

• What is the PC Brand and Model?

• What operating system are you running?

Kindly revert with the above information, I'll be more than happy to assist you.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
Not open for further replies.