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My God This Is So Annoying !!!

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such a simple task but its so annoying when it doesnt work
the way you would like :mad:

all i want to do is right click on a image online and save is as a JPEG file
now normally there isnt even a question about it, it saves without any
issues, but now when i save it even though it says its a JPEG it saves
it in some next format and i have no option to select in which format to
save the image, could someone please tell me how to make this simple
task simple again ?

i want to save images in JPEG format by right-clicking and saving !!!
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okay i got a slight solution to this from the internet
but it didnt happen before !!! why now ??? and whats
the permanent solution to this bug !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??

the quick and simple work around for you and me is to write
the full image name with extension, “Mars.jpg”
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