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My Gaming PC overheating?

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Hi, im gonna start this post off with my System Specs

GFX Card: Galaxy GeForce GTX 460 (Fermi) Super OC 1GB 256-bit GDDR5

RAM: 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 6000+ 3.00ghz

PSU: 750W semi modular

Hard Drive: 500GB (not sure on the speed if someone knows a way to find that please let me know)

Ok, so i play mostly Steam games that dont require a disk. I have been having troubles with my games randomly seizing up for about 4-7 seconds and then running normally again it happens about every few minutes i think. and not with every game, but most of them. when the games arent seizing they run beautifully with high frames per second. i can run crysis 2 on full resolution 1920x1080 (23inch monitor) with most of the settings on high and it has great FPS but then i get random stutters where the video freezes and the audio loops. but then it stops and everything is fine.

I have no idea why, i have 3 80MM fans and a 120mm case fans running on high when i play games... not to mention my GFX card has a 80MM fan build into it, and i have a brand new heat-sink with a 90MM as well as my PSU's 120

any ideas why this is happening? and suggestions on how to help?

if you need any other info please ask :)
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With your power supply, whats the voltage rail? It should say on the side something like 12v.
What is the brand name of that power supply? Please check the temps and voltages in the bios and report them back here.
The Brand of my PSU is XFX and the Voltage rail is 12V im pretty sure

My GPU temp (not running games) is 28C
My CPU temp (not running games) is 34C

I used a program called Speedfan to get temps and voltages here is a screen from my PC

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Can you also post the temp and voltage readings from the BIOS?

Once in the BIOS look for Hardware Monitor, PC Health Status, or similar
OK i will do that now and report back :)

Theres a shot of my Bios Temps and Voltages
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Those temps are not too high at the moment. Have you tried using only one stick of ram at a time (change them out if it does the same thing) and seeing if that helps.

You told us what fans you have, but which direction are they blowing and exactly where they are located. (intake/exhaust)
when i get a few minutes ill take a picture and diagram my fans and which way they are blowing, but i think i have done a pretty good job of air circulation...

and i will try the RAM trick and see if that works... gunna be pissed if thats the problem that was expensive ram lol
Quite possibly it is not, but at this point you need to look at all options. Lots of times, ram sticks don't play nice with each other, even ram that is expensive. Good luck and let us know how it comes out.
Here is a picture of my PC and my fan locations and the direction they are blowing

Edit: never mind about the window fan thats an intake as well, not an exhaust
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You have turbulance in that case which may make a difference. Both back fans should be exhuast and not the one intake.

That fan is blowing air turbulance directly toward your front intake fan and that can make heat. Move that fan and see if that helps. The flow must be smooth front to back and no fans blowing inward on the back side. Others look fine.
cool thanks for the tip what about the window fan that should probably be flipped as well to become an exhaust right?
Here are general fan rules.

All back fans are exhaust.
All front fans are intake.
top fans are always exhaust.
Power supply pulls heat out of case and exhausts out the back
Side fans pull cool air in to the case.
Heatsink fan blows cool air down on the heatsink/CPU. (some specialty ones are different, but be sure you don't disrupt the flow from front to back.)

There are very few exemptions to these general rules.
ok awesome thank you, im sure that was probebly the issue, it seemed a lot like an overheating issue to me and that explains it lol ill report back if this solved it or not :)
Good luck and do let us know. Hope this helps.
ok so i spun the fan and let my PC cool down then I ran Crysis 2 on high (the lowest setting :p), it ran perfectly for about an hour into the game and then it did the freezing, BUT not quite as bad and not quite as often... so im pretty sure it is heat thats causing my Graphics card to reset cause sometimes when it does the freezing my monitor will show that i dont have a connection and then it will come back and be fine.

so anyone got any tips on how to cool a GPU even more?
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