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My friend is having some computer trouble

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here is the problem as he described it to me it sort of dies on him every couple of min.
HD light stays on, doesnt flash so does the power light, you cant shut off or restart,you cant open or close the drive bays, theCPU fan is still on, monitor goes blank, you must unplug then replug,
Sometimes when reloaded it will not boot up just go into that "mode" again and it does this in Win XP Win ME and Dos
its an AMD 1Ghz made by HD is a western Digital 45GB 256MB SDRAM

that all the info he gave me any help on what is going on is welcomed
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It sounds like it could be a power supply issue, as in the computer not getting enough power. How old is the computer? Is he using a quality powerbar?
yea thats about the only thing we could come to the conclusion. This is the owner of the POS... lol im on my Dad's laptop. how old is the computer... hmm thats a tough question since its late and i dont feel like findin the paper work but i wanna think its 1 year old... and i dont know what a powerbar is, i wanna think its a power strip correct me if im wrong, if thats correct yeas my power strip is pretty new if its not getting enough power ill try unpluggin some **** thanks for the help, if ya have ne other ideas on how i could fix this problem plz tell me.
yea well pullin out extra cords didnt do a damn thing could it be the heat its been pretty hot lately plus ive been usein my comp alot lately. or do ya just think ill need to replace my power supply?
I'm not certain, so I hope some of my cohorts here will throw in some ideas, but you are right about the powerstrip/bar. As for the internal power supply, it may be underpowered, depending on how much power it is rated at. 250W, 300W, 350W?
If hes added alot of extra parts, it could be causing a problem not getting enough power. CD Drives could cause this if you ran more than 2.
um yea i added an extra HD which i took out and its working fine... but funny thing is my comp was working fine for months with the second HD kinda weird
Well, it happens, when did you install the 2nd hard drive? Did the problems start after that?
Maybe you had the IDE cable reversed, or not set proper to slave?
Keep us up to date, the solving of your problem may help someone else with similar problems.
it does this in Win XP Win ME and Dos
Dis tells ya it isn't an "OS" problem. Anything that uses AGP4x (I'm assuming this is the class you are in) needs AT LEAST 300 watts of continuous clean power with one HD and one CD. All it takes with a 250 watt is a few things starting at once and strange things start happening, similar to a virus. I have 400w power supplies in both my main boxes and a 300 in one that isn't even AGP, because I have had major problems twice with power supplys being insufficient.
see that just shows lol i think they threw a 250 watter in here tomarrow i think im going to go buy a 300-350 one this is pissing me off and no it didnt start when i put in the second hard drive it took like a month or two (had ME) then the problem happened installed XP no problem (weird) now it started to happen with XP another 2 months later (switched to ME) same prob then back to XP same prob even when i tried to format it did it in DOS. i was bugging out didnt know what was going on. right now it will stay on for a good 3 min without going down ive got the tower open with an extra fan blowin at it i unplugged my CDRW and my Second HD lol when i touch the power supply it doesnt even feel hot i thought it might just be over heatting oh well ill goto CompUSA tomarrow or somethin... thx guys ill keep ya updated
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now it only seems to bug out on me when i start Playin Asherons Call so i figure mabey its my GeForce 2 MX card thats usein all the power... turned off 3D accel... still bugs out after bout 3 min of playing... very interesting...
Hipro Power Suppply:

+5V & +3.3V SHALL NOT EXCEED 125 W

lol could that be the problem
Well its not the Power Supply i just went out and Bought a 400W Power supply and i am still having problems... any ideas...?
If it will stay running long enough try the following.

Go into the bios while booting and check and see if it has any type of system monitoring. Motherboard Temp, CPU Temp and such.

If it does let it run for a while then post the CPU temp here...:winkgrin:


On the first screen you will see upon bootup there will be a string of numbers on the bottom left of the page.

Something like

12/09/1999 i440LX

Write down these numbers exactly as you see them and post them here...:D
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Yea im on the comp now just removed the 400W PS gimmie a min and ill get you those

no cpu Management tools etc...
Did you find this number on the bottom left of the screen when the picture first appears?

Like this....
nah ugh lol on the boot up screen it displays the TINY logo :eek:( ne way to get rid of that cause i know what yer talking about but i cant see it.
i dont know whats going on ive been getting it to work on and off now replaced the Power Supply again this time only with a 300W and i got a fan that hooks on to my HD and cools that but im thinking mabey its my GeForce Card overheating and fubaring everything...
Go here and download ctbiosv1.5 it's located in the 4th paragraph down.

Run the program and see what it comes up with....:D

Hey if you have another video card try it and see if it helps.
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