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my external drive does not appear in my computer

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My external hard drive - (separate casing and drive, so unsure of model number, etc.) - plugs in and turns on. However the computer does not register it and see it in Explorer. It does pop up the 'safely remove hardware' icon. So it registers it, but it doesn't!

The system is XP - and the computer is a few years old, but doesn't have other problems other than not enough ram to run fast.

Replies would be really appreciated - advice on possible fix-its or reasons why it won't work.
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Thank you!
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Welcome to TSF. :wave:

If it's a new HDD you probably have to format it in Disk management.

How to use Disk Management to configure basic disks in Windows XP

If the drive is not new:
Replace the USB (or firewire) cable.
If that doesn't help - try this:
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