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My computer freezes while loading windows 98

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howdy ! While trying to load Win98, my computer usually freezes in dos. If i am lucky enough to get to the setup it will freeze while scanning my hard drive or it will get a user.exe error or a General Protection Fault error while loading windows. I have no idea why. I have gotten a new motherboard, new cpu and even new ram and it still doesnt work. any ideas?
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Hello mikeyp and welcome to the forums.......:D

Are you using a new hard drive or one that had an OS on it previously?

And what make is the hard drive?
it is an old hard drive, but i have formatted the drive time and time again. it is a Maxtor 60 gig 5400 rpm.
Go here and download Maxblast Plus Ver 1.27S.

Read the instructions on how to create a disk.

After you have made the disk boot to it. Make sure your bios is set to boot to floppy first.

Select PowerMax

Hit "Y" key

Hit "Y" key again

And "Y" one more time


Select Write Disk Pack (Low Level Format)

This is going to take about 4 hours but when it's done the drive will be clean and shouldn't give you a problem loading after this.
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i have tried this already, but since that was a few weeks ago, i will try again. thanks
Thats microsoft 4 ya...
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