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My Comp wont boot up.

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I hav an unusual problem. My computer wont boot up att all. The PSU is in tacked and working good and the RAM is fine. I tried 2 different CPUs and the same thing happened. I turn on the computer and then the power goes on like regular but the screen never shows n e thing like its in sleep mode. It does not reconise CD's or floppy disks. Is there n e way to fix this or do i hav to buy something?
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If have an Video card check it take it out and put it back in withthe PC off ofcourse. So you getting lights on and fans running and the HD can you hear it spin up Too??
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if you have a video card, as opposed to on board video, take it out and reseat it, of course with the system unplugged.
but while you are in the case, clean it out with compressed air. which i imagine you already have.
i would also try a cmos clear by popping out the battery for 30 minutes..again, while its unplugged.

how old is your power supply?

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Thanks ill let u know what happens ill try wen i get home.
Ok it worked. The battery thing worked. THX so much.
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