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My Comp sounds like Rice Crispies!

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I have had my Compaq Presario 7595 for many years now, but just recently it has started making sounds that I have never hear computers make before.

It is a cross between a snake hissing and Rice Crispies popping. :cry:

What could be wrong with it?

I didn't install any new stuff.
(I know my Dell makes a reving sound since I installed my Video Card)

Can someone help me?
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It's getting louder, I need help!

I better turn it off for tonight, cause you never know, it sounds like it might start sparking or something. :(
It could be a bearing in the HD about to fail. Does it sound mechanical or electrical? I'd open the case and listening thru a drinking straw, see if i could isolate where it's coming from.
Also look inside in very low to no light and see if you see any sparks.

How old is this computer?
Could be a fan with a bad or loose set of bearings.
I'll look in it sometime soon.

I have had it about 5 or 6 years.

It doesn't make the sound all the time. Would that narrow it down?
Mine did it intermittently, and while that doesn't really support my example, it doesn't go against it either.
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