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my aching IRQS

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here are the irqs that have more than one device pnp in bios=no
im running win 98 on a kt3ultra2-r raid 0 setup :clap:

10 via pci usb host controller
10 win 9x promise raid controller
10 acpi irq holder for pci irq steering

11 via 30308 pci usb host controller
11 via 3038 pci usb
11 radeon 8500
11acpi irq holder pci irq steering
11 acpi irq pci steering
14 primary ide contrler
14 via bus master pci ide contrler

15 secondary ide controller
15 via bus master

my question is would it rearrange and or be better to shut of some bios settings

theres nothing on ide 1
on2/3 [ written as 2/3 in bios] i have cd slave on 2
4 and 5 nothing
also isnt there another bios area to turn off unused stuff for irqs

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A wise man once said, "Don't fix things that aren't broken!". This is good advice, if it's working don't fool around with it. :D
dankershein new? toys

of 10 forums

yours is the concensus
leave well enough alone
thanks for response
hope theres a new util youll enjoy:rolleyes:

heres a new o/s check program
and also a monitor tester

and heres a cpu tester and a new ver cacheman

and here hopefully youll find a new tool
i like cacheburst32 for mem testing much better than memtach

thers also other things at passmark and outer tech:bandit:
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