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my 4 month old custom built quad core machine is feeling sluggish?

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hi ppl,
4 months ago i built a new pc.....

amd phenom quad core 9950 black edition 2.60ghz oc @ 3.2ghz
2gb ddr2 800mhz ram
ati radeon hd 2600 pro (will upgrade lol)
3 maxtor diamond max 9 120gb hdds (SATA)
1 maxtor diamond max 9 80gb hdd (IDE)
whitebox dvd-rw drive (IDE)
foxconn a6vmx motherboard
400w antec psu (upgrading on monday)

i havnt really noticed it before now but my new pc is starting to get sluggish
i have tried removing my overclock and installing a fresh windows vista - not much different

by sluggish i mean when i click to open something it open straight away but the inside of the window stay white and about 20 seconds later show the contents of the folder

here is a link to a picture of the problem thx
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I've found that this sometimes happens when your computer lags, just kill your explorer.exe and then restore it.

Or reboot.

Because this happened 4 months after PC built, I want to rule out software first.

Please follow the instructions from this post:

Make sure you download the one for Vista. It says

The batch files will give me information I can use to see if there is a problem.

They are instructions provided by the Microsoft Tech jcgriff2 so you're in good hands :grin:
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