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My 160gb hdd still is 32gb

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I am posting again this because it did not get solved and I have been postponing it.
I have a samsung sp1604N 160gb HDD IDE, which used to be my storage disk.
I wanted to get rid of all possible traces of a dynamic disk configuration before reinstalling XP sp2 and turning it in to my new master drive, however after using the disk manager that I found on the manufactures site it seem to install DDO and ever since has been turned to a functional 32gb hdd, I tried DBAN as it was sggested to me in a previous post, but it goes straight to the 32gb partition and ignores the rest, I tried with the new Hutil by samsung still tells me I have my 160gb somewhere in the native configuration does not report physical damage, tried to reset it to native lba and still only 32gb.
I am open to suggestions
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Check that the drive jumpers are not set at the position which limits the drive size to 32GB.

There are jumpers to set the drive as Master, slave or Cable Select. Plus normally just one jumper which limits the size in any configuration M, S or CS to 32GB.


Finally solve it

Thanks for your suggestions.
I think I use the kill disk before tough, it ran all night or so and I ended with 32 Gb; the jumpers where not in size limit or cable select. I planned to use the killdisk again, but I first used the Hitachi feature tool software as I saw suggested somewhere else, it works with other HDD brands including Samsung , and it did the trick of restoring my drive size on the capacity size menu Maximum size, I had to run it twice tough because on the first try it resize it to 128 gb, the best of all in 1 minutes or so.
I highly recommend to read the manual before, some features in this software might do real damage to a HDD if adjusted erroneously

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