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My $1500 gaming build...Please help!

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CPU-i5 2500k-------------------------------------$248/$252
MOTHERBOARD-AsRock P67 Pro3-------------------$134
GRAPHICS CARD-GTX570--------------------------$379
CASE-Antec 300----------------------------------$55
PSU-Antec TruePower 750W----------------------$139 <---Is that too much power?

RAM-8G 1600 G.Skill-Ripjaws----------------------$121
MONITOR-LG 2353V-PF 23"-----------------------$169
HDD-Seagate SATA2 3.5" 1TB---------------------$59
OS-Window 7------------------------------------$99
DVD RW-SATA Blu-Ray Combo Samsung------------$59
CPU Cooler-CoolerMaster Hyper212+---------------$33

Keyboard- Sidewinder X4--------------------------$44

Above is my build. Please review and rate it and how you think I can improve its price (e.g. suggest better parts). Please try and keep the budget under $1550.

Budget: $~1550

Brands: Intel for CPU, nVidia for GPU

Multitasking: Aloooot of multitasking. Average of windows at a time :)

Gaming: Much gaming. Gonna play some high end games such as Crysis :)

Calculations: Windows calculator. Won't use much CPU

Overclocking: Mild overclocking. from 3.3 stock speed to 4.0

Storage: 1TB should be enough...SSD is a luxury if I can afford it...

Legacy Support: Dunno what this means

Operating System: Window 7 Compat plz!

Case: Big, airflowy case which comes with ALOT of fans please!

Accessories: no mouse, but I've decided on a keyboard

Recycled Components: nah...I'll chuck them out as they become obsolete

Monitor: Got my eyes on a monitor. 23" LG 2ms 1920x1200

Stores: Australian store called MSY. Planning to get all my parts there except the CPU.

Location: Australia

Above is my build. Please review and rate it and how you think I can improve its price (e.g. suggest better parts). Please try and keep the budget under $1550.
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Have you looked at our suggested build list.
You can get better quality for less.
Asus or Gigabyte for a Mobo.
750W is good for the GTX 570 but you'll want a better quality. SeaSonic-XFX-Corsair.
4GB (2X2GB) of RAM is more than sufficient.
Tyree offered some great advice.

the $2000 build on the link he provided (actually ~$1600) would be a nice step up for your system for both gaming and stability.

If your not overclocking, you could drop the cpu cooler (or get a less expensive one), get a less expensive case and drop it to about $1500 if need be.

you could also drop one of the HDD and probably be able to fit everything inside your budget.

you might have to squeeze to get the monitor/ keyboard but it would be a better decision IMO.
those builds are stuck in the first-gen chips, I want sandy bridge!
If you really want Sandy, I suggest waiting till april for the new chipsets to come out.
The new chipsets are coming out, any P67 motherboard you buy should be advertising the B3 chipset revision if it's not then it's probably the older flawed chip.
GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket 1155 - GA-P67A-UD3-B3 (rev. 1.1)
If you want SandyBridge, find a updated good quality Mobo and use the rest of our suggested hardware.
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