Whether you are a college student looking to play some tunes outside or a car guy needing some background music while you tune up the car, portable speakers have become handy devices.

Gone are the days of carrying around a boom box over your shoulder as technology has taken us into an era of compact yet loud portable speakers.

Do a Google search for “portable speakers” and you will find thousands of different shapes, colors, styles, designs, and features. So which one is right for you? Are you a user who just needs a speaker out in the garage? Or are you going to be taking the speaker with you no matter where you go?

Finding the right mixture of a stylish yet durable portable speaker can sometimes be difficult. Some speakers are waterproof, but their audio quality is muffed by the waterproofing. Others sound great, but can’t withstand a day at the beach.

As a first time user with these portable speakers, I wanted to ensure my first experience was one to remember. The whole point of a portable speaker is the fact that it is portable! So if I happen to go to the beach or take a hike, it better be able to join me on my journey.

I took an adventure into Logitech’s new Ultimate Ears audio section where I found two devices. The UE Boom and UE Boom Mini. Whilst researching the UE Boom, I found it to be a very compelling device. With its durable construction and stylish colors, it was something worth investigating.

Welcome to my Logitech UE Boom portable speaker review. Throughout the review I will be covering the following topics: the design, functionality, and my final thoughts. I would like to thank Logitech for providing me with the UE Boom for this review.

The Design

This section starts off with a very unique unboxing. Shipped in a thick plastic tube, the UE Boom arrived in style. Inside the bank deposit style tube, users will find the UE Boom itself, a neon yellow USB wall port, and neon yellow charging cable. The colors of the wall port and charging cable is the same with all colors of the UE Boom.

Before we get into the design structure of the UE Boom itself, stop and take a look at the special USB cable. Being a USB to Micro USB, users will find and enjoy the fact that it is a flat cable. Yes, a flat USB cable. Never before have I seen such a thing and due to the flat design the cable never tangles nor gets in the way while in use. Its ample two foot length should allow for easy charging.

At a compact size with a height of 7.1 inches, a diameter of 2.6 inches and weighing only 19 ounces, the UE Boom meets the portability aspect of a portable speaker. It fits well in the hand and it doesn’t slow you down while in a backpack.

Sold in fifteen, yes, fifteen, colors, customers shouldn’t have an issue finding a UE Boom that fits their personality. As the owner of the blue, yellow, and white combo, I can easily say that the dyes used for coloring are excellent. The white is pure and the blue is vibrant whereas the yellow pops out at your eyes.

The building material is nearly perfect with the while band being a soft touch material whilst the major color (blue in my case) is a soft touch mesh that feels very high quality. Users will also notice the off color UE tag near the top. There’s no large logo, crazy branding scheme or anything of that sort, Logitech is not going to have you be an advertiser; just the way I like it.

On the top users will find two buttons, a Bluetooth connectivity button and power on/off. Moving to the front band there are volume up and down buttons whilst the bottom holds a carrying clip and the micro USB charging slot. A little trick is to turn on the device and press the volume up and down buttons simultaneously and the device will speak the battery percentage.

Finally, we get to the unique shape of the UE Boom. Being cylinder shaped, means that users will stand the speaker up right for proper usage. However, you can lay the device on its side, upside down, or have it flop around on its carrying clip; the sound will always sound the same. Personally, I like the way the UE Boom is shaped as you find it is easy to grip, and allows for easy storage while not in use. When it comes to design, I don’t think Logitech could have designed the UE Boom any better.

Credit: CNet.com – The configuration is the same on both sides of the UE Boom. – This is NOT recommended and will VOID warranty!


For a portable speaker, the UE Boom sure does offer a lot of features. First and foremost is the outstanding battery. At a rating of 15 hours of total playback, I found that I could go days without a recharge. My usage was powering on the device, playing music, then powering down. Over and over again. It was almost like I could not drain the battery! However, sooner or later the battery will hit zero, but no need to worry as with three hours of charging you’re back in action!

Next, we have the two source connectivity. A total of eight Bluetooth devices can be paired to the UE Boom and iOS and Android users have the option to install a UE Boom customizable application. Happen to have two UE Booms in the area? Pair them up using the application and gain double the sound and power in a stereo setup.

We hear about Near Field Communication (NFC) devices on primary Android smartphones. Well, the UE Boom also supports NFC! This was a complete surprise to find out, as with a passive NFC enabled Android users can play songs right to the device without any Bluetooth connectivity.

One of my favorite features of the UE Boom is that it is IPX4 protected. A United States Military liquid standard, the UE Boom supports a level 4 water resistant acoustic skin. Don’t worry if you’re at the beach, pool party, or it begins to rain outside. The Boom won’t stop playing and will shed the water like it isn’t even there! Likewise, the UE Boom is dust and dirt proof as it is completely sealed as long as the bottom plug is connected.

Finally, we come to the audio performance of the UE Boom. Never before have had I heard a louder portable speaker. At a maximum sound level of 88dBA, outside enjoyment was satisfying. Likewise, indoor noise is comfortable and the UE Boom filled the house with music. No matter what the song, indoor or outdoor, it is understandable and not muffled whatsoever. There are two 1.5 inch Ohm drivers with two 2 inch passive radiators that create that booming sound. As the most important feature of the UE Boom, Logitech ensured that the sounds were spot on and enjoyable.

My Final Thoughts

You would be hard pressed to find a better sounding and well-built portable speaker. At a cost of $199.99 the cost is somewhat high, but I believe Logitech priced the UE Boom to match the Beats Pill which in all honestly, the UE Boom blows out of the water. You get a lot for what you’re paying and you certainly won’t be disappointed in the end. High quality sound, excellent build quality, you can’t go wrong when purchasing the UE Boom. Let’s also not forget about the two year warranty that Logitech provides with the unit.

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