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Multiple XPs

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I upgraded Win2K to XP Pro but the install broke half way - the only way to rescue the situation was to do another install.

The new install works fine (c:\windows) but there is still the old installation (c:\winnt) - it gives the option on boot up (boot.ini).

How can i remove it? Just deleting the winnt directory wouldnt remove reg entries would it?
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Sounds like during the install you didn't delete the partitions that where there, And XP just installed itself on there with W2K...:(

I would start from scratch and delete all the partitions in the process..;)

BTW what size hard drive do you have there?

Are you installing NTFS or FAT32..? This is important if your hard drive is over 30 gig....:D

Oh and welcome to Tech Support Forums...:D
Wait!, before you go deleteing partitions and loosing information, what is it exactly that you want to happen, do you simply want the option to boot to the non existant OS removed from your bootup options so you go right to the working one without having to choose?

If this is the case goto control panel>system>advanced>Startup And Recovery selelect Settings> around the middle of the box that pops up it will say "To edit startup options blah blah and have a box labeled "Edit" click on it, it will load the boot.ini file in the text editor , remove the line pointing to the winnt labeled partition. and that should take care of it without having to delete everything again.
Tech, has stolen my thunder, I had an almost identical problem when I first installed XP... basically do what Tech says, and you'll be fine, as for the extra reg & and other misc system files, I'd search for files older than when you installed XP, and use your judgement from there... and yes I do know that's its dangerous, but I don't see much other than the hunt and peck method working in this situation
Many thanks everyone! Dont want to format - cant face the thought of backing 80gigs onto CDs! Maybe now is the time to buy that DVD writer :)
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