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Multiple iexplorer processes

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I recently reformatted my hard drive and now I'm having a problem with multiple iexplorer processes. Sometimes as many as 10 or more. I have read that it is a malware problem, but I don't know how to resolve it. Can you help?
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Sounds a lot like browerhijacking, malware, etc. I have had similar problems. I can only suggest running Spy-bot Search and Destroy, Ad-Aware SE, and maybe a few other similar programs. You might also try going over to the security center on the forum, if those things don't work. You might want to get a hijack this log ready too, they may ask for one.

Hi - welcome to TSF

Try a scan here:-

If still a problem have a read here* and run Ad-aware in safe-mode ... if you need to do a HJT scan, check-out that you have the latest version and please post your scan on the HJT board as using any other board may delay the response.


Good luck

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