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multibooting 6 different versions of windows from the same hard disk

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for particular purposes i need to install on the same hard disk of 80Go ,theses versions of windows:
- DOS 6.22 and WIN 3.11;
- WIN98SE (french interface);
- WIN 98SE (bilingual interface arabic/english);
- WIN2000 service pack3;
- WIN XP (trilingual interface arabic/english/french);
i tried to make for that 10 partitions:
-1 partition fat16 of 350 Mo for boot files and MS-DOS ;
- 5 partitions fat32 for the other OSs;
- the remaining is for applications and data folders
fdisk of cd of WIN98 lets me to partition only the other hand ,the space of the partition of 350Mo ,if maid with fdisk of win2000,is increased to 2.1Go after installing DOS and WIN98fr disappears from multiboot after installing i stopped before installing WIN XP
-thank you for your help
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have you looked at VMware?

also check out some of the screenshots of VMware Workstation 5
use the win xp install disk to split the drive and format fat32. then install the os's one at a time, from oldest to newest. thats what i've done.
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