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multiboot sys-changed partions-XP wontboot

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have 2k(NTFS) on C:, primary
2kserver(NTFS) on d: ,logical
XP (FAT32)0n e: ,logical
other data drives as logicals with mixture of NTFS and FAT32

the problem is, used partion magic to move and change the size of the partions. also had an e: partion that was empty(FAT32) which was deleted.

changed the boot.ini to for XP to look at partition 3

system now boots in 2k an 2kserver, OK.
on XP it intiates with the 2k grey scroll bar across the bottom of the screen, then goes to the XP black screen and blue startup screen and hangs.

would be greatful for any help

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Which operating system was installed last? The NTLDR seems to change with each major OS release. I would get your XP disk, boot with it and choose Repair. I have Win98/2K Pro/XP Pro on my machine and I really had to monkey with the boot.ini to get all of them to boot properly. 2K and XP see the partitions in different orders for some reason and assign different drive letters once the OS has booted up.

How many hard drives do you have? If more than one, change the rdisk(x) number around and see if that helps. If just one hard drive, keep playing with the partition number. Or repair it with the XP disk like I said above.
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