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Multi-Symptom Virus 2

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I started a thread in late Feb. Got really busy and failed to follow through in timely fashion with virus/malware removal effort. I'm ready now to pick this up again. Instructions from prior technician were to "start a new thread and provide a link to original one".

Here's a link to the original thread:

Do I need to re-submit DDS and GMER logs or can we proceed with ComboFix? (Of course, I'm hoping for the later.)

Please advise next steps. Thanks,

M. 925.383.1019
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Please post the Combofix log for my review.

Let me know what problem persists.
Due to lack of response, this topic will now be closed. If you need continued support, please begin a new thread, and provide a link to this topic. This applies only to the original topic starter. Everyone else please begin a New Topic, after following the steps outlined here:

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