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Just moved my graphics card down to the third slot to allow me to use both DVI slots (2.0 PCIe x16).. (reason for moving: the first PCIe slot exposed primary DVI slot+HDMI only- but the secondary slot becomes blocked by my liquid cooling tubes..) - worked fine apart from the fact that the monitor plugged in to the secondary DVI slot doesn't detect a connection - i've tried switching the plugs around - but with the same result.. only the primary screen detects
However, the cintiq still acts like a regular drawing tablet i.e. like an intuos- probably because the video and movement data run through individual cables
- i've spent a several hours screwing around with it- but i not being able to find a solution for such a menial task is really starting to piss me off
any help would be much appreciated
please thanks
- Note: i tried the second PCIe slot between the 2.0's previously too- but same result-

-Asus Striker II Formula Nvidia 780i SLI
-Nvidia Geforce 9800 GX2
-Samsung SyncMaster 2343BW/2343BWX(digital)
-Wacom Cintiq 12WX

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