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Multi-display driver problem

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Home basic Vista 32bit
Cintiq 12WX
Samsung Syncmaster 2343bw
Geforce 9800 GX2

I've been trying to get my cintiq and my LCD screen to work as a multi-display set up.
I did the standard installation of both displays - hooked up the DVI ports to the graphics card + power cables and such
booted up the PC, aware of the fact that on the GX2 the second screen won't come on until windows has started - however, the second screen never came on and although it was detected in the Nvidia control panel, it didn't show up in the display settings: Drag the icons to match your monitors. box or the Nvidia one -
As far as i can tell the hardware is set up right - figured it should be a driver issue, seeing as i've had several problems in the past with drivers
any help would be great
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Something extra - if "multi-GPU mode" is enabled - does that mean that both GPUs are focusing on one display, disabling the second DVI port?
- been reading up on this on other forum posts
looks like a few other people had the same exact problem (most of which were posted just under a year ago with no solutions to my problem)
read some where that Nvidia was planning on releasing an update to resolve this issue -
anyone know where to get it if it exists?
Hello and Welcome to TSF,

Go here and download the driver:

1. uninstall video driver from add/remove
2. check in device manager under "display" that it is gone. If not, uninstall it there too.
3. reboot pc, if an new found hardware wizard box opens, cancel it out.
4. Install driver ( file you downloaded )
5. reboot pc
6. Configure the displays ( display 1, Display 2) one for desktop and the other for
game playing or surfing, whichever.
7. To configure, open up display settings or Nvidia control panel whichever one you have it set on or using.
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Thanks much- worked perfectly
just one more thing,
how do you set up clone mode - cant find an opion in either the Nvidia control panel or the display settings
and looking at other forums - it sounds like its not possible
but like before the posts are quite old - has Nvidia still not resolved the issue?
thanks again for the help
+ my second screen is a cintiq
which is why i wanted clone mode but if someone knows how to set the tablet to write on its own screen instead of my primary monitor that would be preferable
nvm- its all good
for anyone who is having the tablet problem
just go in to the 'calibrate' tab in the wacom control panel and set it to the cintiq and calibrate it to the cintiq screen

Go here and choose what you are looking for in particular:,+How+to+clone+the+second+monitor?&spell=1

Isnt there a setting to just double click the mouse or something similar to this
to change monitors which you are working on?
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