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Multi-coloured screen crash with all games

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I have a problem with my computer where; if I am playing a game after a while, (varies quite alot how long but with World Of warcraft and Oblivion about 30 seconds to 1 minute) the game will crash and multi-coloured garbled diagonal lines will come up on my screen with a gray background.
My graphics card is really good (for me) it is Nvidia 7300 something like that.
I have updated the graphics drivers and my computer.
I have followed so many steps to try and fix it because I don't fancy having to buy a 900 pound computer to make sure ill never have gaming problems.
I really need help. I have a hp computer. About three years old
I have done the thing on the internet for 'can I run it' to check if my system was to old for World Of Warcraft and I have optimum specs.
So I am wondering if you can spread some light on this for me :laugh:
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Hi monsterhunt, welcome to TSF

Please post a screenshot of the multi-coloured lines. It sounds like overheated VRAM on the graphics card, either caused by the inside of the case not being properly ventilated, or a problem with the PSU.

Are you using the latest graphics driver, chipset drivers and DirectX?

Are all the case fans free of dust and spinning? (especially the graphics card fan)

Try and leave a fullscreen game running for as long as possible and get some readings for temperatures and PSU voltages during gameplay using PC Wizard.
Firstly i'd like to thank you on your fast service. :)

I have updated to latest graphics drivers and I have checked my direct x files for errors but they all passed.
Also how would I check my fan without upsetting my dad. He is very proctective of the computer as it isn't mine.Also I wouldn't even know how to check the fan. (I'm a newb to the technical details of computer).
By the way I love that icon picture of yours :)
also i'll have to download the computer wizard thing while my dads not around.
He's administrator (lol).
I am typing from my really old laptop right now
This probably isnt very helpfull so errr sorry, but i had a problem like this on my old rig, eventually the multicoloured "dotted" lines were all over the screen with no way to get them off and games wouldn't even boot.

I ended up getting a new card, people basically just told me my graphics card had fried. :cry:
To check the fans, you'll need to open the case, so get your dad's permission first. :smile:

Switch off and unplug the power cable at the back of the computer, then remove the side panel so you can see the motherboard and components. If you can see alot of dust around the card slots, heatsink and fans you'll need to blow a can of compressed air to clean it out. You should be doing this every few weeks to keep the temperatures down.

Once it's been cleaned, leave the case open and switch it back on. Don't touch anything inside while it's running. Check the case fans, CPU fan and graphics card fan to make sure they're all spinning. For a game to shut down after just a minute suggests a heat or power problem, so the fans are the first thing to look at.

The 'Voltage, Temperature & Fans' window in PC Wizard will tell you exactly what's going on with your system temperatures and PSU voltages.

Thanks for the reply, D00M. I had the same problem with an old Radeon 9800. It got too hot, started to display random coloured lines and then died.
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