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MSN Virus

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I have installed MSN 7.0 on our pcs at work to enjoy instant messenger.

Our IT guy has advise to take it of as he says that we have left ourswelves wide open to virus'??

is it possible for this to happen or even for one of us to get infected through or as a result of having MSN running?

Or has anyone heard of a case like this or similar??
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Your IT guy is correct. Aside from the known fact that most M$ software is riddled with security holes, MSN messenger creates and easily exploited opening.

And you shouldn't be IM'ing at work. :4-thatsba
i Doubt it MSN, AOL,yahoo are very Trustworthy, but you never know........ :4-dontkno
Not to be rude, but please tell me you're kidding! Especially AOL, that's hacked on a daily basis.
In the world of hacking, an AOL account is like a sitting duck on a pond. They are easy to attack and for many hackers are a starting point. The new "features" being added to these IM programs require more open ports and thus allow for more possible attack points. As long as people have been online there have been hackers attacking them. You can take steps to protect yourself but nothing is 100% safe.
i agree 100%

msn, yahoo, and aol messengers may seem extremely professional and well built, but all three of them will subject your work computers to attacks.

although, the viruses aren't all that severe, they are still viruses and i could imagine that the IT guy at your work could have you seriously reprimanded if anything were to happen.

in short, if those machines come down with a virus, it's going to be seen as your fault, even if it wasn't the messengers that did it.

aol is by far the most exploited, but msn and yahoo have their share of issues.

most businesses i know of won't even let you check your email if it's hotmail, yahoo, or aol.

he might sound like he's just being picky, but you have to keep in mind how stressed he feels anytime the pc's at work come down with something.
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The message is clear. Nuff said

Many thanks team.
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