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MSN Messenger Signs me out every few minutes...

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Hey all, been a while since I've been on here!
Just recently my MSN has been acting up and signs me out every few minutes, and only at night. Its only been doing it for a week or so. I tried reinstalling it, but that doesn't help. I thought of Reseating my wireless card, but I dont think thats the problem, as my browser and all still works.
Any Ideas
Thanks in Advance
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is this the only internet problem you are haveing/??... have you got your time and date set correctly ??
sorry i can not be off any more assistance .. you should try the msg help page for this one, if the the time and date thing did not work.. sorry..
It is the only problem I'm having with my internet. The time and date is also right
Yes, I get this regularly aswell. But mines linked to my phone/ADSL filter.

Hmm. So you have wireless net through a wireless router?

Go to "Network Connections", right-click on whats there and choose "Repair Connection" and then try. It may work better.
Have you made sure your net connection is good? Any firewalls installed or does the router have a firewall?
I have my wireless router connected to my ethernet modem which connects to the phoneline. I've tried repair connection. The network has been fine for years, only just started playing up recently.
Have you checked your filter then?

If it lays up, you'll have net problems. Its the first "thing" to actually interfere with a good connection.
I said, my connection is fine repeat Connection Is fine
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