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MSI MB not reading 3rd slot

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I have a msi k7n2 delta 6570 atx motherboard

This board has 3 slots for ram....2 green slots and 1 purple
I have 1gb of ram in of the green slots

I just bought another stick of ram 1gb however the purple slot will not read it and the computer just reboots when I have it installed.

When I remove the 3rd stick it boots just fine.

Any help out there?? this a ram voltage issue?

the 2 gigs runs the athelon 2600 just fine ...just thought Id speed things up a bit with that additional gig ...thanks aamikes
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Test the PC with just the new RAM installed. Does ther PC boot?

Test RAM in the slots individually.

What are the specs of the RAM?
From the MSI web site>
Main Memory

• Supports six memory banks using three 184-pin DDR DIMMs
• Support single channel PC3200/2700/2100/1600 DDR SDRAMs
• Supports both 64-bit and 128-bit DDR SDRAM
• Maximum memory size of 3GB
NOTE: nForce2 only NOT support x4 memory device. 1GB can be made by other density of dram chip such as x 8, x16.

x4 is high density ram normally used in servers, it's also the cheaper of the 2(high/low density) and a favorite of the eBay sellers.

Make sure it boots with only the new stick installed if not it's either a bad stick or high density.
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