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Msi Km4m-v Problem! Help Needed! Tech-impaired Girl Begs You!

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i recently bought a new rig, with the MsI KM4M-V MOTHERBOARD. ran the setup installer disk, clicked chipset driver. i was thinking that with the click of that option, everything i needed would be installed.

but then i noticed that there was no sound. and when i did check the device manager, there werent any sound devices installed.

how do i get the mo-bo built in sound card to work? the box of the mo-bo says it has '5.1 channel audio - multi speaker audio support'.

please help! my job entails listening to CDs the entire day and reviewing them and this is causing such a major problem for me!!!!


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If you will look on that same motherboard disk, you will find a segment called AC97. That is the sound area and you need to install that. It should make your unit work.
Welcome to TSF: Mod Girl;

You can enable your onboard sound by going into the bios / generally in the "advanced system config" stuff there you will need to set your onbard sound to "enable"

then you need to restart the computer / then load the onboard sound drivers for your mobo /

your task is a easy strait forward one / shouldnt give you any nightmares ~~ I hope

keep us posted on your progress / dont hesitate to ask more questions if needed


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