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Hi, this is my first post. Hopefully I can get it all written before I get kicked off of my browser. Here's what's happening: I use Windows 98 and Netscape Navigator/Communicator. I've never had a problem like just began a couple of days ago. While I'm online, this message comes up:

"Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library--Runtime Error! Program: C:\NETSCAPE\COMMUNICATOR\PROGRAM\NETSCAPE.EXE
abnormal program termination"

At the bottom of the box, there is an OK button, and when I click it, I get kicked off my browser, but I stay connected to the internet. Tonight it happened 4 times within 10 minutes!

Can anyone help? I am totally stumped by this one, I'm usually pretty good at figuring things out. I haven't found any help at any sites on the net as of yet.

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