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MS messenger question

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when ever I log into my messenger account I get an IM that reads.....

.NET Messenger Service Staff: You are running a version of messenger that requires an immediate security update. Please visit to complete the update.

the thing is I don't even have MS messenger installed, I removed it and use trillian to run my msm, aim and yim. so what do I need to do? I know I don't need an update for software that's not even installed but that message popping up every time I log on is getting annoying, tia for any help.
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trillian is using the old versions code to get you online.

that means that msn detects it on your machine

as of late, msn has grown suspicious of attack, and has now added new encryption to all their products, if you update them.

msn also does not disclose if there will be a way for third party clients, such as trillian, and eyeball to work in the future.

msn 6 is not that bad, but i liked 3 better.

sometimes soon it is reported that the old versions of messenger will be forced into "appear offline" status, untill the user upgrades to at least version 5 of the msn messenger.

so, either stick it out and see if they cut you off, or you can say goodbye to all your msn buddies, or you could upgrade to 5 or newer.

other than this i dont know.

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