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MS-6340 Processor Help!!!

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Hi I was looking to get a new processor, my board is Socket A and it is quoted in my motherboard manual to:

"support 550-850Mhz or higher processor"

What does this mean, does it mean that I can not get any faster processor to work??? Because I already have a 800Mhz CPU and would like to purchase something such as a Athlon XP2600

I have looked for bios updates but it seems they only go up to v6, which I already have.
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Welcome to the forums hohingday...............:D

Could you post a list of your hardware or at least the motherboard Make, Model and Version.
The motherboard is a MS-6340 ATX VA Motherboard. It has a VIA KT133 VT8363 chipset.
It has an award bios

My hardware config is:
800Mhz Athlon
Geforce2 32Mb MX
AC97 Onboard Sound
60Gb Maxtor harddrive
20Gb harddrive
Samsung CD-RW Combo

Sorry im not sure what else you need to know.
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Need to know the version number, It should be marked on the board somewhere. Unless there in no version number then it's the first in the series, but they did make later versions 3 & 5 it makes a big difference which version number you have as to CPU support.
It says MS-6340 VER:1

Thats bad news, aint it....... :(
Take a look here. Sorry it looks like you need to get some new hardware if you want to upgrade that high.
Hi, I looked at that page u gave me, but what does it mean?
What that means is your motherboard only supports a 100 MHz. Front Side Bus CPU. So the best you can do with that motherboard is go up to a 1.2 gig. Processor.
Oh I see, thats not good, gonna have to purchase a motherboard as well, grrrrrr.

Well thanks for your help speedo!!
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