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mp3 probs

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My computer won't recognize my mp3 player as connected.
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I take it, that it is a usb player? Do you have sp2 installed? Do you
have any yellow flags in device manager? If you dont have sp2 installed
I would suggest doing so.
yeah it's a usb. I'm really sorry, but what's sp2?
Service Pack 2.

To check what Service pack you have, do the following:

Right click My Computer > Properties > General tab > It'll say what Service Pack you have there.
I have service pack 3, media player 11, mtp porting kit, a sansa e280 mp3 player and a lot of problems. I've tried re-installing it and that didn't work. Any other suggestions? I'm kinda running out of ideas.
Have you tried other USB ports if available on your computer? Do any other products that connect through USB show up?
Yeah. I tried all the ports on thhe computer exept the ones at the back because I can't access them. My flash drive works still perfectly. What could the problem be?
Can you try the mp3 player on another computer? Doing so, would rule out whether or not it is the mp3 player and not the computer itself.
if your flash drive works it should be a problem with mp3 instead...use it on other computer
It works on another computer, as far as I can tell. The screen on the mp3 doesn't show that it's connected any more though. Is it just me, or is this turning really weird? I had it working for a couple minutes then it crapped out on me.
How long have you had this mp3 player? Can you take it back to the store where you got it with the original receipt and get a new one?

Also, have you tried to check the support section of whatever company made your mp3 player?
Try the player in one of the usb slots in the back of your pc.
Go into bios and make sure usb legacy is enabled, and make sure
usb high speed is enabled, and make sure usb 2.0 is enabled if there
is a option....In other words in bios make sure every available option
for usb is enabled and at its highest speed....
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